How it Works

What's LaunchPad?

LaunchPad is a OneTraction disruptive market place that enable over 1 million vetted post accelerators and growth stage startup "Including our Portfolio's top 1%" to be discovered by Global Fortune 500 Corporate Clients, Channel Partners, Accredited Investors, Venture Capital, and Mentors to engage in real time collaborative effort.

What's Disruptive about LaunchPad?

We are next generation On-Demand innovation and Venture Capital, we go beyond “i.e. Doximity" as a First Disruptive Innovation Execution Platform in Silicon Valley, our closed loop captures each step to Execute Innovation, from launching Startup to Exit, among our key differentiators are: a)-We accept Members who are Founders, Investors, Mentors and Corporate leaders only, b)-Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence powered platform that benefit and protect all stakeholders, c)-You own your data, we never make money on your data or share it with 3rd party, d)-Facts based business contents with strict professional focused interaction guided by top influencers and industries experts.

What are the key benefits for Startup?

a)-Fund: Discovery by Global Fortune 500 Corporate, and top investors that can lead to large purchase, investment or even early acquisition. Ability for interested investors to contact you first, which shorten the cycle of funding by 90%. b)-Innovate: Expand your engineering team by using our On-Demand Innovation Labs, comprised of 45,000 + global engineers (Software/Hardware), through 5 established companies with over 10-year experience and solid track record with both Startup and Corporate clients, including acquired startup by Google and Drop Box. Discover disruptive innovation available for licensing and coming from top brands globally. c)-Exit: access to our investment banking team and external partners to help you frame and exit your execution strategy. d)-Mentorship: Access to vetted Mentors and subject matter expert that you can reach to explore relevant subject or dedicated Advisor support through our premium packages. e)-Events/Press: Featured startups will be promoted throughout the platform and during our quarterly events which may trigger press coverage and exclusive interview from top media outlets and our influencers. Access to exclusive and free events

What are the key benefits for Corporate and Accredited / Institutional Investors?

a)-Deal Flow: Discover disruptive startups who are manually vetted and featured by our team, along ability to search over 1 million startups who are already vetted by top accelerators, angel group and top venture capital that feed into your investments or Go-to-Market strategic goals. b)-Interaction: You can initiate first and reach targeted Startup decision makers in any capacity and communicate via email, voice or live video call without the burden of scheduling meeting or sharing your email address. c)-Research: gain access to the latest emerging trend insights and thought leadership by top influencers from Silicon Valley and across the Globe. d)-Deal Maker: Blockchain and AI powered upcoming services that shorten the diligence process by 90% for Fundraising and exit through our private label investment banks. Access to exclusive and free events

Who can join LaunchPad? And how

Current registration phase is open to our ecosystem of 100k+ global innovators and will be restricted into invitation only once the 100k members milestone is reached (expected late 2019). We manually vet each profile, please make sure your profile reflects your linked-in picture, bio with 500+ contacts and use your business email address, along stating your goals within “seeking” section (Funding, Investments, Mentorship, Innovation Insights, Go-to-market, Exit). You must be 21 years or older. We accept Entrepreneurs, Startup founders "Post Accelerator with live product from seed stage through unicorns", accredited investors, VC / CVC / FO / PE / IB, Fortune 500 corporate leaders and Mentors / subject matter expert in any fields that can benefit startups innovation, Service provider that can benefit startup and offering exclusive deals. If you don’t have an invite, subscribe with your business or corporate email to receive an invite.

Who cannot join LaunchPad?

We do not accept recruiters, small business and corporate jobs seekers, consultant, freelancers, offshores developers, sales, non-startup small business including non-profit, self- promoting entertainment and social media influencers, press, non-impact industries (illegal or non-beneficial to human)

How about Startup jobs seekers?

Exception is made to accept 1) - Pre-launch Startup Co-founder seeking co-founders, 2) - Funded startups seeking Mentors as paid employees, 3) - EIR seeking board level seat. You must state in your profile “seeking” section one of the three option and join respective group upon your membership approval.